The REUT (Friendship in Hebrew) Choir was founded in 1982 under the auspices of the Culture Department of the Municipality of Ra’anana as a mixed choir and numbers 50 male and female singers. The REUT repertoire reflects the “Israeli Spirit,” presenting the diversity of expression of Israeli society and including elements of ancient Jewish music, traditional ethnic music from the whole Jewish Diaspora (Arabic, Yemenite, Georgian, Sephardic, Ladino, Dutch, Greek, Brazilian, etc.) as well as leading modern Israeli composers. All compositions are performed in Hebrew, arranged in modern and original improvisations mostly by Rami Bar David.

The Choir performs at local and national events and has also participated in choir festivals abroad. It won special awards at the International Choir Festival in Nish, Yugoslavia and in the Shirat Hayamim competition in Israel, receiving a Gold Classification among Israeli choirs

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